Bishop Matano on the New Evangelization

Christmas and the New Evangelization | A Statement by Bishop Matano

Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and most recently Pope Francis have written and spoken about the New Evangelization, which “calls each of us to deepen our faith, believe in the Gospel message and go forth to proclaim the Gospel, for all to renew their relationship with Jesus Christ” (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops). It is especially important for the Church, which Pope Francis has likened to a “field hospital,” to reach out to those who, for some reason, have experienced a crisis of faith and have stopped attending Mass or attend infrequently.

Christmas, one of the two holiest days in the Church year along with Easter, and a time when families gather, presents an ideal time to enrich the Church’s mission to evangelize and nurture the human person’s innermost desire to know God; an opportunity to re-propose the Gospel message in hope that it will touch hearts, heal them and lead people back to our community of faith and to a personal relationship with the child born at Bethlehem. Indeed, the Incarnation, Christ taking on our humanity and dwelling among us, is the beautiful occasion to speak of the Lord’s infinite and open arms of love, and His forgiveness and mercy. I pray that our Masses on Christmas inspire and motivate us all,
Christ truly present, body, blood, soul and divinity in the Most Holy Eucharist. Indeed, at Mass, every day is Christmas.

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