Life happens! There used to be a time when we were very passionate about our dreams, our faith and several other things. We felt like we could do anything. Then we got caught up with life and things changed. We experience pain and suffering, disappointments and betrayals, broken promises and failed efforts. All these gradually sow the seed of doubt in us. We begin to question if we were wrong to believe, hope or trust. Little by little we find that we really have no control over anything. Then anxiety, depression, fear and anger follow. Burnout becomes our burden to bear. When life happens everything pretty much becomes mechanical. We just go through the daily routine and hope we would find strength to get by each day. That’s not a way to live! If you find any of these applicable to you, then it’s time for a revival - a renewal through prayer, scripture reading and spiritual meditation. The Lord has asked us to cast our burdens on him, so you don’t have to carry your problems alone. When life happens, our fire goes out, and only the Lord revive the flame and passion in us again.

Many years ago the same thing happened to the Apostles and close disciples of Jesus. After they witnessed the betrayal, scourging and gruesome persecution and death of their Master; the same one who is the Christ, who walked on water and raised the dead; they were horrified. Their hope was dashed; their faith greatly shaken. They were so terrified they went into hiding. The bad things that happen in life can sometimes render a person immobile, isolated and petrified. Life stops at this time when we faith turns to fear, hope to despair, and love to hate. This was where the disciples were after their traumatic experience.

One day two disciples were on their way to Emmaus. They were lamenting about the events of suffering, crucifixion and death of Jesus. Just then a man traveling on the same way heard and asked them what they were talking about. They told him the sad story of Christ’s crucifixion and their disappointment and pain. It was at this time that RE-EVANGELIZATION took place. The man, who they were yet to recognize as Jesus, began explaining to them all the Prophecies in the Scripture about the Christ. He told them it was necessary for him to die and to rise from the death, so that salvation would be given to all who believe. As he explained, their hearts were set on fire as the two disciples listened intently and understood it all. Their passionate was rekindled so much so that they set out that night and returned to Jerusalem to share the good news. The Word of God is Spirit and alive and only it can renew our life and strength through the Holy Spirit.

That is what re-evangelization does. Through it we are reminded of the prophecies (promises) of God for us. We are given understanding of his Word, experience the passion of his Son, and receive a renewal of the Holy Spirit that sets our hearts on fire again. We are filled with a new passion for life; we begin to believe and hope again, and can live and love without fear of hurt. We are empowered to succeed! Going forward, we see life no more as something that happens to us, but as what we create for ourselves. We no longer feel like victims, but like victors in Christ! We are no longer overwhelmed and do not wait for the rain to stop; we go dancing in the rain!

Our mission of Re-evangelization is created so that through our participation, prayers, and learning of God’s Word, we can find our true passion again. We will be physically and spiritually refreshed, be rid of all negative spirits, illnesses, anxiety, depression and stress and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. However, this can only happen if we make time to participate. Yes life is busy and we often think of the thousand and one things on our plate that we neglect ourselves. But do not forget that your whole wellbeing enables you to do your work well. So this time put yourself also on the calendar! Make time to take care of yourself and you will have strength to take care of other things.


O God, you promised that your plans for me are for good and not for evil, they are to give me life and a future. As I commit to participate in this time of spiritual renewal through daily prayer, scripture reading and active participation in worship and Parish Life, may your Word enlighten me and your Holy Spirit empower me with understanding and renewed strength to live in full the life you have given me, free of all anxiety and evil. Amen.




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