Parish Cemeteries

Our parish is pleased to support two cemeteries.  They are St. Mary's Cemetery (Geneseo, NY) and St. Patricks Cemetery (Mt. Morris, NY).  The cemetery offices are located at St. Luke the Evangelist, 13 North St., Geneseo, NY 14454.


Cemeteries of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish   January 2019

St. Mary’s Cemetery, Geneseo, NY and St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Mt. Morris, NY


PRIORITY – Safety is our primary concern. 

  1. Whenever possible, please refrain from visiting the Cemetery when snow and or ice cover the ground or roadway in the cemetery as The Cemetery (refers here and throughout the document to both St. Mary’s and St. Patrick’s cemetery individually and collectively) will not be responsible for injuries sustained during inclement weather conditions.
  2. Due to the inherent nature of plowed roadways remaining slippery and to terrain of uneven ground, hidden stones and many trees, the Cemetery can be treacherous when snow and ice accumulate and/or high winds prevail. 

Objective -The Cemetery seeks to provide timely, efficient and cost-effective winter maintenance and snow removal of the entrances and roadways of The Cemetery property for the safety and benefit of visitors and staff.

Procedure -The above stated objective is best achieved by implementation and execution of the procedures and tasks outlined in Part B of this policy: Winter Operations and Inclement Weather/Snow Removal Procedures of The Cemetery.

Level of Service- Due to the nature of the materials used for the entrance and roadways in our cemeteries it is not possible to maintain a snow and slip free entrance and/or roadway during inclement weather.

  1. The Cemetery will, to the best of its ability, provide safe access to the property during and after winter storms, within its available means.  If inclement weather, such as a snow event, occurs on the day before or after Thanksgiving or Christmas, The Cemetery will make the greatest effort possible to provide safe access for visitors.
  2. As a general policy, The Cemetery will have limited maintenance from mid-November through early April.
    1.  It will start to conduct snow removal operations upon accumulations of 4 or more inches of snowfall.
    2. Based upon weather reports or prevailing conditions, The Cemetery may, at its own discretion elect to not move snow until greater amounts have accumulated. 
    3. Due to the many variables that are inherent in New York weather, each storm or weather event may require a slightly different effort or emphasis on any number of maintenance tasks which, together, determine the overall winter maintenance and snow removal strategy.  
    4. Please remember even after the entrance and roadways of the cemetery have been cleared of most of the snow when winds blow drifting across cemetery roadways is likely to occur.  The Cemetery roadways may become impassable in these weather conditions.  Unless deemed necessary (i.e. section needed for a funeral) these areas will not be re cleared of drifted snow.
  3. Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, snow removal treatment operations may be suspended at any time when continuing operations would pose a hazard to person or property.

Direction -The Cemetery, or it’s designee, shall direct all winter maintenance activities for the Cemetery.

 Implementation -This policy, including the standard operating procedures set forth in Part B, is intended to serve as the normal procedure for winter maintenance and snow removal for The Cemetery.  

  1. One or more of the following events or circumstances, which may delay or prevent the implementation of this policy, may affect all or any part of normal Winter operating procedures for The Cemetery:
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Snow Accumulation of more than one inch per hour
  • High Winds
  • Freezing Rain or Other Icing Conditions
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Emergencies
  • Personnel Illness
  • Other Events Beyond the Reasonable Control of the Cemetery

 Notice -This policy may be posted in appropriate public place in the Cemetery, on Parish social media sites and/or respective Parish Office(s) as determined by the Parish Administrator and/or the Cemetery Manager. All visitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the contents hereof as it describes conditions that one might expect to encounter before, during and after a storm or inclement weather.




STANDARD SNOW REMOVAL PROCEDURES and REGULATIONS (for Entrances and Driveways of The Cemetery)

 Equipment and Personnel

  1. The assets available for winter snow removal are established within the parameters of the annual budget approved by the Parish Administrator under the guidance from the Cemetery Advisory Committee(s).
  2. In formulating the budget, the Cemetery seeks to allocate enough funds for this purpose, however, variable weather conditions may make budget projections inaccurate.
    1. When weather conditions require additional funds beyond those established in the budget, The Cemetery will undertake such actions that are reasonably necessary to address such conditions.
    2. The Cemetery will utilize available assets as needed to address snow emergencies.
    3. It is possible that the Cemetery may not have its entrance and roadways plowed after each snow event.
  3. The use of private contractors to provide all winter maintenance related to snow removal may be used.
    1. PLESASE NOTE: If a private contractor is used snow removal of the cemetery may not happen as timely as one might wish. Certain snow events may require that priority be given to the safety of people in their homes and businesses first.

Materials for Ice TreatmentDue to the composition of the roadways and the fact that monument foundations are near the roadways in The Cemetery, de-icing agents/ treatments will not be utilized as these de-icing agents/ treatments have the potential to harm the roadways of The Cemetery roadways and monument foundations within the Cemetery.

Damage to Private Property -The descriptions of immunity and potential liability in this section are not intended to waive any immunity or to extend any liability that may exist under law: but are intended solely for convenience.

  1. The Cemetery assumes no responsibility for damage to private property that is located within the public right-of-way as such property is deemed an encumbrance that is not permitted to be in the right-of-way.
  2. In the event of property damage occurring as a result of winter maintenance activities conducted by The Cemetery, The Cemetery may be held responsible only for damages as allowed by law arising from negligence or another fault properly attributable to the Cemetery. In any event, The Cemetery will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged property that is within the right-of-way.
  3. The Cemetery will also not be responsible for damage to any vehicle which may be damaged during winter maintenance if the vehicle is parked in violation of any State Law or local regulations, including any winter or snow removal parking or driving restriction periods, or is otherwise improperly or imprudently located or operated. The Cemetery will also not be responsible for damage to any vehicle if a State of Emergency is declared by Livingston County that restricts or forbids driving in the county.



HOURS:  Sunrise to Sunset 365 days per year, weather permitting

ROADWAYS:  Please drive/park ONLY on the roadways – not all burials are marked with a monument/marker. If you utilize the grass for driving or parking you could easily be driving/parking on the remains of a loved one, how would that make you feel if that were your loved one?

BURIALS/INURNMENTS: We allow inground burials year-round weather permitting. Opening/Closing costs are based on Monday to Saturday (non-holiday) and Holiday rates. We refrain from Sunday burials.

GRAVE LOT (S) SELECTION: Selection of graves will be kept within two rows in the section(s) the Cemetery manager indicates grave lot(s) rights are available for purchase.

CARE OF LOTS/GROUNDS: The general care of the Cemetery is assumed by the Management and includes the cutting of the grass at reasonable intervals, the raking and cleaning of the grounds, re-seeding of graves after a burial, and the pruning of shrubs and trees that may be placed by the Management. The Cemetery will be solely responsible for the planting of trees and shrubs to preserve and maintain landscape features.

The general care assumed by the Cemetery will in no case mean the repair or replacement of any memorial, erected upon the lot(s)/plot(s); that have been damaged by the elements, an Act of God, thieves, vandals, malicious mischief makers, or unavoidable accidents. Employees of the Cemetery are not permitted to do any work for Lot Owners.

If trees or shrubs situated on any lot will, by means of their roots, branches or otherwise, become detrimental to the adjacent lots, dangerous or inconvenient to persons, the Cemetery Management/Caretaking Staff have the right to enter the said lot, to remove said trees and shrubs and or such parts thereof  as are determined to be unsightly, dangerous or inconvenient without notification to any owner of Burial Rights within said lot(s)/plot(s).

Funeral flowers will be removed by the Cemetery, preferably within a week after the internment.

Visitors/Burial Right owners are not allowed to cut or trim any green or landscape within the Cemetery property.

Separate Winter Care/Maintenance policy is available.

 The permanent Maintenance Fund is established whereby the Cemetery will hold and invest the principal sum deposited and uses the annual income therefrom to defray the cost of general operation of the Cemetery.

COSTS: Please call the Parish Office at 243-1100 and you will be given the name and work phone number of the appropriate person to contact for pricing of grave rights, opening/closing cost, and all fees. Current pricing/option/cost sheet is available and will be provided upon request.

The Cemeteries Manager will work with you to select the lot(s)/plot(s) where you wish to purchase your Burial Rights and will meet with you to generate a sales contract.

Terms of payment: if full payment cannot be made the day the assignment of the grave lot(s)plot(s)is made, a payment of 50% is due immediately with payment in full in 30 days. If more time is needed, down payment of 50% is required on the day of assignment and a payment schedule will be generated with monthly payments and ALL charges must be paid within SIX MONTHS.

All Burial Rights are to be endowed with Permanent Maintenance Care (as per the Diocese of Rochester) and this a cost of the grave right purchaser.

Burial Right for immediate burial must be paid for in full immediately.

Upon completion of payment of the burial right(s) entered via the sales contract (and burial charges if necessary) a CERTIFICATE OF RIGHT OF BURIAL will be issued for said purchase. 

MONUMENTS AND MARKERS: No MONUMENT may be erected a until a CERTIFICATE OF RIGHT OF BURIAL has been issued and received by the purchaser.

An application to Erect must be filled out by the requester and the Monument Company and be submitted to the Cemetery Manager for approval before a foundation or marker/monument can be placed. If not paid by the monument company you are using, you will be asked to pay a $20 application recording fee.

All monuments/markers must have a Catholic/Christian symbol in a prominent position on its face. The standard traditional style headstone will be acceptable, most of these do not exceed a height of 36”. A monument not of traditional style must be approved by the Cemetery Advisory Committee and the Cemetery Manager. ONE UPRIGHT MONUMENT/MARKER CAN BE PLACED IN THE MIDDLE OF A LOT/PLOT OR MULTIPLE LOTS/PLOTS purchased as a group and only one flush gras marker is allowed per plot.

Monuments must have foundations of at least 36” in depth with a 3” border that extends beyond the base or the monument on all sides and must follow all cemetery guidelines.  The foundations will consist of poured concrete by a Cemetery Manager approved individual/company. The care and cost of the foundation will be the responsibility of the lot owner.


NOTHING shall be in front, behind or hanging over the edges of the foundation/monument as it impedes the mowing/trimming lanes.

The Cemetery Caretaking Staff will not maintain plants or urns of Burial Right owners/their family or their friends who leave them on the lot(s)/plot(s).

No fences, hedge, post, or enclosures of any kind will be allowed on lot(s)/plot(s).

The placing of crushed stone, wood chips and shells on graves; glass containers/vases; planting directly into the ground; alcohol (consumed at or left in the cemetery) is strictly prohibited.   These will be removed by the Cemetery and disposed of.

All flowerpots, American flag holders, everlasting lights, etc. are to be on the side of the foundation/monument.

All solar lights and windchimes are to be in pots at the side of the foundation/monument.

No more than two potted plants or two containers/plastic stick in the ground vases of cut flowers may be placed on grave lot(s)/plot(s) within the area of the plot/lot. FLOWERS (BOTH REAL AND ARTIFICAL ARE PERMITTED ONLY ON THE FOUNDATION OR THE SIDES OF MONUMENT IN MARBLE, CONCRETE OR CLAY CONTAINERS – NO GLASS CONTAINERS, or HANGING PLANTS/Shepard Hooks). ** Only one pot on the right side of the flush marker in the cremation garden is allowed. ** Flowerpots are to be placed on the sides of the monument for mowing purposes.

The placing of votive lights, boxes, shells, toys, ornaments, and related articles upon lot(s)/plot(s) is not encouraged. If left at the grave, they need to be on the base of the monument (if available) NOT on the foundation. Placing of these items on the foundation are hazardous for the caretaking staff.

Decorations that have become withered, unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, or diseased must be removed ASAP. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove them to maintain the best appearances of the grounds should you fail to do so.

Winter decorations such as wreaths, natural or artificial are permitted on standards or easels from November 15th to March 15th. Should you wish to save your decorations, they must be removed prior to that date.

Trash receptacles are not provided. Please take out with you that which you have brought in. Please do not dump dirt/pots on Cemetery or neighboring properties.


St. Luke the Evangelist Cemeteries operate in accordance with the rules and discipline of the Diocese of Rochester set up in the PARISH CEMETERY MANUAL.

2021 update (when both cemeteries changed to one pricing structure) of 2008 pamphlet prepared by both Cemetery Advisory Committees

While we do our best to keep our cemeteries accessible during the winter season, here is our
Winter and Inclemenet Weather Policy and Priorities.  

Blessing at St. Patrick's Cemetery 11-8-20

Blessing of St. Mary's Cemetery November 7, 2020

Video From St. Mary's Cemetery Vigil November 7, 2020

Cemetery Advisory Committees
We have Cemetery Advisory Committes for both St. Mary's Cemetery and St. Patrick's Cemetery.  They advise the Pastor on the care and oversight of the cemetery.  If you are interested in helping, please contact our Priest Administrator.

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